Anyone who thinks that Irish dance is a necessarily rigid form, defined by a stiff upper body and dancers moving in militaristic unison, should spend some time watching Colin Dunne. Mr. Dunne’s percussive dancing functions as a fourth musician, his feet doing the work of a drummer as they scuff, patter, chug, poke and swipe at the floor. Mr. Dunne who joins his wildly talented colleagues for half of the numbers is a soulful, integral part of the band.
— New York Times
 Photos by John Soffe

Photos by John Soffe


Edges of Light exhilarates with music and dance.

A new collaboration between the celebrated dancer Colin Dunne (Riverdance), fiddler Tola Custy, harpist Maeve Gilchrist and uilleann piper David Power, this newly-commissioned work is a sparkling kaleidoscope of melody and rhythm inspired by the natural sounds and shimmering patterns of light that announce Ireland’s day.

The performance draws from a unique and little known Irish idiosyncrasy: the rising of the sun at Dunsink Observatory in Dublin occurs 25 minutes and 21 seconds later than at Greenwich, England, meaning that 8 pm Dublin Mean Time occurs at 8.25 pm GMT.

Commissioned by Music Network/the Arts Council of Ireland