They power through Italian dance tunes like they are some sort of latter-day Mediterranean Bothy Band.
— fRoots

I Liguriani is a five-member band from Italy's northwest, the region stretching from the French Riviera to Tuscany, bordering Piedmont and Emilia.

The eclectic repertoire includes traditional Italian folk music and political ballads, dance music of the Appenines, an emigration ballad about a 1906 tragedy at sea, and a classical piece by Paganini. The band's accomplished musicianship and infectious joy in the playing of these tunes has won I Liguriani acclaim throughout Europe. With Fabio Rinaudo on Central French musette pipes, Fabio Biale on violin and voice, Michel Balatti on flute, Filippo Gambetta on accordion, and Claudio De Angeli on guitar.