left to right: Michel Balatti, Filippo Gambetta, Fabio Biale, Fabio Rinaudo, Claudio De Angeli Photo credit: Alice Ellena

left to right: Michel Balatti, Filippo Gambetta, Fabio Biale, Fabio Rinaudo, Claudio De Angeli

Photo credit: Alice Ellena

Fabio Rinaudo (bagpipes - musette Bourbonnaise)

The bagpipe is Fabio’s ‘instrument of choice’ (World Music Magazine, Italy). An accomplished multi- instrumentalist, Fabio plays various kinds of bagpipes, from northern Italian pipes to uilleann pipes, musette Bourbonnaise and Scottish smallpipes. He has studied the uilleann pipes of Ireland for more than twenty years and as a founder and member of the Birkin Tree, has played them all over Italy, Europe and in Ireland.

The Birkin Tree has recorded four albums: “Continental Reel” (1995), “A Cheap Present” (1998) , “3 (three)” (2001) and “Virginia” (2010)  receiving wide acclaim from the public and the Italian, European and American press. Fabio has also collaborated in performance with Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill, the piper Liam O’Flynn which whom he has studied, singer Niamh Parsons and the harpist Grainme Hambly among others. In 2008 Fabio toured Italy as a musical guest of The Chieftains.

In addition to traditional Irish music, Fabio is dedicated to the study of the traditional music of northern and central France and Italian early music, and especially to the French bagpipes: the musette bourbonnaise.

He was a founding member of “Ensemble del doppio Bordone” with whom he has played in hundreds of concerts (Italy, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain ) and recorded two CD’s.  He collaborates with the noted early music group  “Ensemble  Micrologus” with whom he plays in important music festivals throughout Italy He has performed as a soloist with the Orchestra of the Paganini Conservatory in Genoa at the Teatro Carlo Felice performing works by Peter Maxwell Davies and has been featured in more than forty recordings (traditional, early and pop music.)

Fabio has also collaborated on television with well-known Italian singer-songwriters including Angelo Branduardi, Riccardo Cocciante and Giorgio Conte.

Fabio is the president and artistic director of Corelli Musica, an agency devoted to the promotion of acoustic music and, in particular, ethnic music from all parts of the world as well as classical music, blues and jazz.

Michel Balatti (flute)

Michel graduated with honors from the Conservatorio Paganini di Genova. He was the winner of competitions both as a solo performer and in chamber music and performed several times as a soloist with orchestra. In 1998, after attending a concert by the Italian-based Irish band, Birkin Tree, he began a serious study of traditional Irish music and the simple system wooden flute.

After playing in other groups, including “Mistral” and “Common Mor”, he was invited to be part of the Birkin Tree in 2001, with whom he has performed in many concerts in Italy and abroad and with whom he also collaborated on four CD’s.  In 2003 he decided to leave his career as a classical musician and devote himself entirely to the wooden flute and Irish music and moved to County Clare in Ennis, Ireland.

In the latter part of Michel’s time in Ireland he successfully participated in the local musical community, playing not only in sessions, but also in concerts and ceilis. In May 2004, he returned to Italy, and was invited to work with the accordion player and composer Filippo Gambetta with whom he toured in Canada to the Vancouver Folk Festival, Mission Folk and other festivals as well as recording live concerts for the CBC.

Michel has collaborated with musicians such as Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill, Niamh Parsons, Tola Custy, Cyril O’Donoghue and The Chieftains. Over the years he has performed in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States.



Filippo Gambetta (accordion)

Filippo began studying the accordion at age thirteen under the guidance of Riccardo Tesi. He has collaborated with Max Manfredi, with the group Echo Art, the Orchestra Regionale Ligure, Fretted Instrument, directed by Carlo Aonzo, with the Canadian violinist Oliver Schroer and the American, Sandra Wong, nyckelharpa player, with Vincenzo Caglioti and Remy Boniface in a trio of accordions and with his father Beppe Gambetta on numerous tours.

Filippo studied the clarinet for three years at the Conservatorio Paganini di Genova. In 2000 he made the album “Stria” and in 2003  “Pria Goaca”, both for the label Felmay. In 2001, he represented the ‘Italian Folk Alliance’ at the Alliance meeting in Vancouver, won the first prize in the Green Age Festival and second prize in the Kaustinen Folk Festival in Finland. He has performed at numerous folk festivals including: Edmonton, Festival d’Eté, Calgary, Vancouver festival, Winnipeg , Biberach musikfruhlings, Roots and Blues Festival, Folk Festival in Aarhus (Denmark) , Lithos (Syracuse), Emmas (Olbia), Acoustic Paths (Pistoia), Folk Routes (Trento), Italic tribes (Bertinoro), and Music in the Castles of Liguria.

He has composed and performed music for theater for il Teatro della Tosse and il Teatro Modena of Genoa. He has collaborated with the dancer Aline Nari (Sosta Palmizi) and Katreen Tufano (David Parker Bang Group), with whom he developed the show “Halloween” (for Auditorium Montale - Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa). He is dedicated to teaching both in Italy and abroad.

Fabio Biale (vocals, fiddle)

Fabio began studying the violin at the age of six, attended the Conservatorio  Paganini di Genova, and joined the Youth Orchestra performing in Italy and abroad. He has actively collaborated with the “Camerata delli Musici Savonensi”  which gave him the opportunity to play ancient and baroque music.

He attended classes at the C.P.M., Milan’s professional music center, one of the best schools of contemporary music in Italy, where he studied theory, harmony and jazz improvisation. Fabio dedicated himself to the study of the traditional music of Northern Italy as well as ‘swing manouche’ (gypsy jazz a la Django Reinhardt) which led him to participate in other bands: “Amici di Django Reinhardt” and “I Luf.” Fabio is an accomplished singer, songwriter and an arranger,  and a multi-instrumentalist: beside the fiddle, he also plays guitar, piano and bodhran.

A sought-after collaborator in Italy, Fabio has played with a diverse group of well-known musicians and artists in the Italian folk, jazz and singer-songwriter world. In addition to the groups mentioned above, he has worked with Zibba Almalibre, Birkin Tree , Tonino  Caroltone, Bunna, Federico Zampaglione and Roy Paci among many others and has arranged and recorded with most of them.

Claudio De Angeli(acoustic guitar)

The Genoese guitarist Claudio De Angeli has devoted years to the study and performance of traditional and acoustic music. Former student of Armando Corsi, with whom he has deepened the study of harmony and improvisation, and Beppe Gambetta with whom he studied the technical finger picking and open tunings, Claudio collaborates on a regular basis with the young accordion player Filippo Gambetta, with whom he recorded two albums for the Felmay label (“Stria” in 2000 and “Pria Goaca” in 2002).  He has performed at numerous festivals with Filippo in Canada, the U.S, Germany, Finland and Italy including Lithos, Edmonton folk festival, Festival d’Eté, Calgary Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Winnipeg Folk Music Festival, border crossings, Biberach Musikfruhlings, Roots and Blues Festival and ArtisticaMente.

Claudio is a songwriter and composer and is dedicated to traditional Irish music as well as the traditional music of Italy. He is part of the group Ca Reel On and collaborates with the Birkin Tree.