I'm really excited about my new site and would love to hear your reactions to it. The artists on this roster are among the best in the world in their genre and I'm very proud of all of them. I hope you enjoy reading about them, taking a look at their videos and listening to the audio samples.

And the site - a labor of love under the guidance of the brilliant Michelle Twohig from Design Central (www.designcentral.com.)  Michelle and I met when we shared an office in a great old building below the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I was booking artists and she was doing graphic design.   We learned about each other's work and inevitably each other's lives. We went through a lot there, including some scary earthquakes, but we were lucky to be directly across the street from The Wild Ginger, one of Seattle's best restaurants (since moved to Union St. and current operator of a great music venue, The Triple Door) where we could drown our sorrows in a glass of wine and fantastic asian fusion fare.

Michelle has designed everything for me since: materials for all my artists, posters, business cards and my first website. I've since moved East, but we still work together. I get things done before she wakes up and she gets things done after I go to sleep.  We used a Squarespace template for this new one, but without Michelle, believe me, nothing would have happened.  I mentioned to her that I wanted EPK's (electronic press kits) for all the artists and she had never heard of EPK's, only because she hasn't spent her time in the music business.  So she starting researching and then built one for me. Each artist on this site has an EPK with what we believe are most of the tools a performing arts marketing person would need to publicize a show with any of these brilliant artists.

And so - onward into the 2014-2015 booking season. I'll be blogging about the activities of the artists on the roster and probably other things on my mind. I hope to be able to match some of these great musicians with great venues. Thanks! Liz